The College has 10 departments offering 8 UG Degree courses (B.Sc:6 ,, ) and 3 select PG Programmes in M.Com., M.Sc. (Comp.Sc.), M.Sc and M.Sc. (chemistry). The college also offers 2 Intermediate courses (CEC;MEC). The composition of staff and students is truly cosmopolitan. There are in all 45 teaching staff, 15 non – teaching staff and 900 students.
The College conducts Monthly tests, Term Exams, Pre-finals for Performance Appraisal at all levels. The Overall Academic performance of every student is assessed. Punctuality attendance and conduct of a student is also an integral part of the evaluation.

The Computerized results of the Unit tests are posted to the parents periodically. The parent teacher meet is conducted annually when parents interact with the subject incharges regarding their performance of their ward.